To speed up drying time, leave internal doors and windows open (weather and security permitting)

Please Take Care After Completion

If a seal or protective coating has been applied, please allow ample time for the particular product applied to FULLY DRY AND CURE. Let me explain – all products can take anything from 30 minutes to 12 hours to dry depending on the product used. This will mean that you can carefully move on the surface in your socks once the drying time has passed. However the same degree of care must be taken for a further 24-72 hours at least. In some cases many seals or protective coatings can take between 5-7 days to fully cure. By curing, we mean fully harden!

Do not walk on freshly sealed surfaces within the first 24 hours in outdoor shoes as dirt could transfer onto the surface during the first crucial drying stage. Please take extra care when children and pets are in the home.

Furniture & Heels

Allow ample time before moving furniture or objects back into the room. Never, pull or drag items always where possible lift items into position. Be careful with chairs/furniture, as they may have sharp feet which can cause severe damage to your newly restored floor. Where possible, place protectors under each leg to prevent this. If children are present please take all necessary precautions, rarely do they lift items, they simply drag them.

Many hard wood floors are not as ‘hard’ as you think. If you allow someone to wear stiletto heels on the newly sealed surface this can cause irreversible damage to both the seal and the floor. In fact NEVER, if possible, never allow shoes with stiletto heels onto wooden surfaces.

Maintaining you floor after restoration – We would recommend that when you start maintaining the floor you begin with a new mop that is contaminant FREE. Never use a floor steamer as it will strip the finishing product.

Honesty is the best policy – we tell you what the competition don't!

The finish – immediately after the floor is dry and you check it out for the first time, you may notice something about the finish – it’s not always looking perfectly smooth. This is because your house is not a perfect environment, or even a very good environment for applying the finish. Floating around in mid air are minute particles of dust and even with the greatest attention to detail, hairs and other impurities will settle onto the wet finish. This is both normal and unavoidable. However most (if not all) of those small imperfections will smooth out in around 2-4 weeks from people walking on the floor. After a couple of months your floor will be about as smooth as any floor that has been done in a manual way. Remember when you bought your new floor, it was manufactured and finished in a perfect environment. It is virtually impossible to replicate these conditions in either a domestic or commercial setting. Even when using our state of the art equipment.

Maintaining you floor after restoration – We would recommend that when you start maintaining the floor you begin with a new mop that is contaminant FREE. NEVER USE A FLOOR STEAMER as it will strip the finishing product.

MATS will assist in removing dirt, grit etc that could damage surfaces that have been sealed. Vacuuming or brushing daily will also assist in removing soils adding life to the sealed surface. In the event of a spillage immediately clean these up with absorbent cloths. FIZZY SOFT DRINKS can immediately cause damage to many surfaces. Please also be aware that PET ACCIDENTS carry acid and this can cause irremovable damage to newly sealed floors.

Sensible regular maintenance extends the life of your floor

Regular maintenance is the key. It saves money. Put in place a plan where we call out once every 6, 9 or 12 months. Times will vary depending on your personal circumstances but regular maintenance costs less and your floor will look good and last longer too. Discuss your requirement with us and we can put it into our diary to carry out planned maintenance checks at the recommended times. Alternatively check our site for offers on our cleaning products.

We hope you enjoy your restored floor and thank you for your business. We look forward to being of service to you again in the near future.

Please telephone Michael on 07960 957 055 for further information or use the contact form on this site for any other enquiries.