Q. What are your payment terms?

A. A small deposit is required to secure your date for the work. Payment must be made in full on the day of completion. We can take payment by card over the phone or cash. We no longer accept cheques.

Q. Will there be lots of dust?

A. No The Sand and Seal Company takes great pride in the fact all our sanding equipment has or is attached to a dust containment system so that its over 99% dust free leaving your home as tidy when we leave, as it was when we first arrived.

Q. I would like my floors sanded and I'm getting my room painted and decorated. What should i do first? 

A. All painting a decorating should be carried out first any other work like plumbing and electrical work should also be finished before the floors are sanded. Please let us know if the room has recently been redecorated.

Q. I'm having my floorboards sanded and there are alot of gaps some are quite big can they be filled? 

A. Yes gaps up to 4mm are filled using a clear cellulose resin mixed with the clean fine dust from your floorboards. It is done this way to keep the filled gaps the same colour as your wood.

Q. How long does it take? 

A. Much is dependent on the size of the area to be sanded, overall condition of the boards/parquet etc. As a approximate guide, an average size lounge of around 5m x 4m (16'5" x 13'1"), would take us around 2 days to complete if the boards are in reasonably good condition. Repairs, filling and staining would affect the overall finish time. Most of the noisy work would be completed on the first day.

Q. What colour will it be when its sanded? 

A. All floors naturally darken in time and then lighten with the sanding process. We would mostly recommend the natural route which would be to use a clear product on the surface to allow the grain and variation to show through. Thus creating a timeless affect. 

Q. I started to sand the floor myself and have damaged it. Can you fix it? 

A. Give us a ring and we can call out and inspect it for you. Hire Shop sanders in the hands of an amateur will score and burn the floor badly and can take deep gouges out of it. A professional commercial machine can sometimes eradicate these marks. We sand a floor many times before sealing it to ensure a flat even finish. You will never achieve the same smooth finish with a daily hire machine.

Q. Is it cost effective to restore or replace my floor?

A. Price is the first obvious variable to consider.  It is always cheaper to refinish your floor than replace. Call into any wood floor suppliers and calculate the cost of the new floor, uplift your old floor, subfloor preparation, having the new floor installed, skirting/trimming work and then redecorating! It quickly adds up. We can typically restore a living room floor in 1 day, No mess, No fuss!

Please telephone Michael on 07960 957 055 for further information or use the contact form on this site for any other enquiries.